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I can tell you about Us that my name is Eddy, happily married to Aliza (nicknamed Licha) and parents of three adult children and their spouses, and proud grandparents of 10 boys and girls of all ages, and great-grandparents to four boys and one girl.

I was born in Cuba; the largest of the Caribbean Islands and at age 18 left the country for Mexico where I met Licha, my wife of 56 years. From Mexico we moved to Israel.

One day we left for Puerto Rico where we lived for many years. We continued on the Travel Industry, building one of the Top Ten Travel Agencies on the island. After many years we moved to Miami, Florida.

During all those years we traveled the to all continents, getting experiences that now I will share with you. But we wanted to retire with doing what we love and go live near our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Now we are enjoying our semi-retirement in Israel surrounded by most of our children and grandchildren.

About Us

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